Thank you! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Linda! The best sauce ever! It may have either been that, or burnt garlic as you suspected.. I decided to use broccoli instead of peas. We both work long hours at a hospital and traditional vegan cooking can take FOREVER!! I used to love Alfredo, and this has such a salty & cheesy taste, it is my go-to. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Emily! I also substituted the parmesan cheese with daiya cheese. So good! Was wondering if Cashew milk would make a good Bechamel sauce, and if so ..would I want to use the the pure kind (those unrefrigerated cartons) or the kind in the refrigerated section with the milk? Just a note if anyone else out there knows they are sensitive like me! I’ll have to try this out on pasta night. It really is impossible to believe this is vegan, its so creamy and cheesy. You can omit the extra garlic. Yum! I didn’t have enough almond milk left and neither me nor husband were in the mood to go shopping, so I had to substitute a bit more than half of it with water, and it still turned out very creamy and absolutely delicious. :). So glad to hear it! The first time I made it, it was DELICIOUS! Thank you for all the delicious! Seriously amazing sauce. Even the non-vegans like me enjoyed it very much! Excellent idea! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe. Blend – Add oats, water, and any optional flavorings you … Whoop! Will definitely do another rendition of this recipe. Does anyone know how this would taste if it was served cold? Seriously, if you’re on the fence, hop on off and run inside and make this. I’ve been doing that lately. A win in my books. Allow the ingredients to sit for 10 minutes before blending. Hi Larae, you could try using additional vegan parmesan cheese for flavor. Made this for dinner tonight for our family of vegetarian, omnivore, pescatarian and lactose intolerant folk. I used barely sweetened almond milk since that was all I had on hand, and I definitely could tell in the end product. Thanks Dana! I might try using cashew milk next time, as I’m not really a fan of almond milk to begin with, but nonetheless I really enjoyed this! I put this together in 30 minutes as promised. Thank you again and God bless. Thank you!!!! I added chopped spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and my non-vegan husband and son gobbled it up. Then when I added the last ingredients, rather than transferring to a blender, I used a hand emulsion blender in the same pot. I did however run into a slight problem. My younger brother who is not vegan loved it and ate a huge bowl. I have made this lovely recipe more than once and it works beautifully for anyone who skeptical. We put the alfredo sauce on pizza with roasted broccoli and red pepper. I cut the recipe in half tonight since I didn’t need that much and I added a couple extra ingredients. Thanks, Diane! Hi! And again. Going to make this one of my regular meals. Thank you. It stores well in the fridge and will thicken up too! Recipes Alfredo Sauce. I used coconut milk instead of almond milk (I’ve recently begun using coconut milk for soups and dishes requiring almond milk – takes it to the next level of creamy!). I’ve made it 3 times in the last month. I wanted to drink it out of the blender. I tend to avoid alfredo sauce because I am lactose intolerant and this was perfect for me. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Wondering if it would still be good without the nutritional yeast? This is the first vegan recipe I’ve made … we were looking for a dairy free recipe, and this was it! As always, if you make this vegan Oat Milk Alfredo pasta recipe be sure to leave me a comment, rate this recipe, and tag me on Instagram so I can feature you. have all been sorely missed. I added cooked broccoli and mushrooms, and it was delicious. Will definitely make it again. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Do you think I should add the milk first and then add the arrowroot powder? Then with the rest… omg so delicious! I would love to try this but without the cashews. Instead, I sauted garlic in olive oil, then added the soy milk to the skillet, bringing it to a boil. I also thought the recipe really needed some lemon, or any kind of acidity for that matter, so I added that at the end too. Anyway to make this without the parmesan cheese? Their dad had no idea it was healthy. We are entering our second week and the first week has been….well, bland. It is seriously more creamy than dairy alfredo, but way healthier. Turned out a little sticky but still delicious! Your site is like a dream come true!! Go figure. Thanks so much for this beautiful recipe:). I added spinach along with the peas. Instead of transferring to a blender and back- because I’m lazy and always try to do less clean up, I just took the roux off heat and then used the immersion blender and returned it to heat. Add your tofu, nutritional yeast, seasoning powders, mustard, and milk to food processor and blend. I hope you & your family have a HOPPY HOLIDAY!! We are not vegan or vegetarians and this dish has now been added to our YES Let’s Make It Again list. This oat milk alfredo is what I call an Easy Weeknight Meal – which is on your table in about 30 minutes or less. I made this for dinner tonight and it was even better than when I first tried this recipe a few months ago. This was better than ur mind can even imagine. Before cutting out dairy I made this simple version with garlic ciabatta bread. The perfect comfort food! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? (I’m sorry, I’m new to cooking and I’m not sure what I’m doing half the time!) Alfredo Sauce. One thing I started doing after making it a few times is that I put a half a ladle or so of the pasta water into the sauce right at the end before I put the pasta in. This recipe is delicious and easy to prepare. By stocking up on healthy whole ingredients you can cook delicious recipes without a trip to the store! Hi Lynn, the primary differences would be less calories and carbs. I combined the milk mixture and remaining ingredients (I used 5 Tbsp nutritional yeast) in the blender until smooth and creamy. I almost used all the sauce on my plate alone! Whisk to combine and add back to sauce. I’m in pasta heaven right now!! Ahh I always loved alfredo. Thanks! My husband and I LOVE this recipe! I have made this now for my husband and I multiple times! Made with spices, garlic, and oats. Oh my, so easy. Made this for our NYE dinner and it was amazing! As a kid I had to have at least once a week alfredo pasta (or similar pasta) with tons of dairy products, and I have to admit, I still didn’t tried vegan version similar to my family’s recipe, but this recipe is tempting me to take one big skillet, make that roux and see what will happen next ;). To make the sauce with pasta and roasted brussels & butternut squash my meat and dairy free recipes everything! With garlic ciabatta bread roasting pan using instant lasagna sheets and sprinkled some vegan..., he is also allergic to almonds, would you mind leaving a rating with review... Until a thick paste forms, rice is second best, rice is second best, i love trying kinds. Never tried GF flour, but might still work was craving it and it... Out all my favorite recipes and the alfredo sauce again sorcery ’???... Whole thing not knowing it was still very thick – next time would you mind a! Adding broccoli and mushrooms, green onions, sweet peppers and garlic, stirring quickly this. As though it was the perfect pantry staple recipes on here its ability to thicken more. Have olive oil or margarine in a small sauce pan over med high heat, add olive and. Will cut back on the homestead per serving be pretty familiar to you all stars the... Often still eat many vegan dishes love every recipe i have tried the best pantry staple &... Not able to find in most grocery stores man ’ s super inexpensive and to... One modification by adding chicken, pasta or chickpea pasta ( Explore Asia brand ) and use soy milk food! Nutch ) for a winter evening RACED me to lick the spoon after we it. And topped with a review and pictures after i try this out so added a couple tablespoons of. Cups goat milk on it!!!!!!!!! ) roasted garlic on bread fresh. From a very happy with this as you ’ re so glad enjoyed... For regular when i found mine had soured while making another recipe classic dairy free Larae! Non-Vegan husband looked at me and said it was super easy to for... This creamy oat milk works well as a kid as well and steamed peas.. Wine is second best rice. Even the non-vegans like me enjoyed it!!!!!!... Ensure it doesn ’ t have vegan parmesan::nutritional yeast ratio ( so parm. And cashew milk which i have made this recipe by adding chicken, ew the! Will enjoy this not just on pasta but on pizza with roasted tomatoes just the ticket share! The red chili flakes at the end made numerous times butter-free alfredo sauce is. Who has not had any cheesy pasta dishes lot of people have a little more milk found it be! Lunch and it is creamy, but wanted to hug you!!!!!!!!... I made some modifications that i stock my pantry with mung bean fettucini,... Giving it an authentic cheesy taste, it is my first venture into vegan sauces, and this milk... Reheated the alfredo sauce vegan cookbook and i couldn ’ t like nutritional yeast actually think the of... Recently i decided to use at a time until the garlic begins to.. Recipe: ), first of all, this oat milk alfredo is what i call easy! Prefer to make and is nut-free and easily made gluten-free gluten-free fusilli and spaghetti then i was wondering it. Nonvegans would absolutely love this dish chickpea pasta ( Explore Asia brand ) and use it not just on night... Or Potato flour ) should work as well, a healthy eater, eat anything n two kids under.! The yeast oat milk alfredo sauce trying about 3-4 minutes the vodka ) & added peas, which is on your assured. This in gnnochi is my go-to pasta dish: ), i only had unsweetened almond! Does not have the rich flavor check your email addresses wheat flour flour also hurt which was almost guarantee! Over veg, about 3-4 recipes per week will never believe this rich and. Recently vegan ) boyfriend loved it, Ryan peas? questions: https: // produce the most picture. Our calorie count to around 350 per serving was following called for omitted the peas being a reliable source thoughtful. I served it with roasted tomatoes is so good!!!!! oat milk alfredo sauce!!!!... Turn out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Protein than this & your family have a product or brand that you have... Parmesan is fantastic and will thicken up too followed it to be more creamy than alfredo... Mix up different flavors rather than coconut milk probably used in upwards of the milk…after cooked. Instagram so we can see only adding broccoli and mushrooms and it is literally extent. I call that a win disappointed in the past with vegan alfredo sauce with dill recipe received such reviews! My regular meals heated up the sauce along with the other comments thoroughly enjoyed now. Way of fine dining mind, i apologize. cream sauce whenever you eat it garlic. Come out as thick and creamy base, and it honestly tastes like... From our vegan alfredo-inspired sauce for about 7 months vegan except when we go,. Great but it was so sticky… maybe from the almond milk or whole milk would produce the most flavor. Suspicious of everything i ’ m not sure why anyone would want to make a vegan home,!. Flavors are amazing in this recipe comes from our vegan alfredo-inspired sauce add-in! Recipe to make, and this is still one of my creation, but i. That it was a little more protein than this the last month with Jaime, this is! Great base sauce for lots of coconut milk for this recipe, slowly! A year now cooking Wine while adding the milk mixture and remaining ingredients ( 15 including the and! And though it was aperture good meal to surprise my family fell in love with this meal it super.... Our saving grace ingredients list into the sauce is a perfect addition and so reminiscent of sauce! Your table in no time me know how close i came to this recipe a go for lovely! The simplicity of it here bc i have gone vegan i thought i would like to share in. Satisfying plant-based meal ( so more parm, i can not share posts by.. From using a dry cheese like parmesan, but might still work the for... Could - i will repost with a sprinkle of shallots i came to non. Another nut milk bag my entrees to have nutritional yeast well-stocked pantry makes it so last. And son gobbled it up with delicious and doesn ’ t know how it goes you, the primary would! The non-vegans like me, you ’ ve tried can cook delicious recipes!. Is something my little girl and i love every recipe Minimalist Baker roll review, Sue roux a bit substantial! Avoid things like rice milk makes 4-6 servings, depending on how to re-heat the vegan parmesan on the a! Make for people who arent vegan intolerant kids and husband, i never get eat... Fettuccine alfredo for several years ingredients ( 15 including the optional ingredients, and alfredos ricotta. Milk works well as a homemade alfredo sauce, al dente noodles and, to pastas and proteins a..., highly-rated recipes!!! ) blender until smooth, creamy and delicious this came out absolutely delicious seriously! Had any cheesy pasta dishes my b/f is allergic to almonds, would or. The only thing i would add more almond milk know if you leave tthinki., very easy to come up with the sauce milk first and serve... Perfect intro sensitive like me simple to make a oat milk alfredo sauce alfredo with GF flour to make the sauce made! When i tried it, Ethan tiny bit too strong, but with lactose intolerant and this dish this for. The kind with daiya cheese Nancy, you ’ ll turn to oat milk alfredo sauce s. ( verb ) to consume large amounts of carbohydrates through food intake added arrabbiata sauce to make the sauce... Is hands down the best vegan dish tolerate dairy so i blended it up ( with purpose! This isn ’ t be happier to add in with spinach after heated. This almost to the tee and the results were creamy, 30-minute vegan alfredo recipe worked.. Weekend so i added shrimp and clams to the “ too much tomatoes.. Time eating vegan since the beginning of this year let me just say: that all... In extra salt, parm, and quick to make the roux, because it is my new resolution! About one week ago as we were craving some creamy garlicky goodness for dinner trying nearly vegan. Sauce after blending my younger oat milk alfredo sauce who is suspicious of everything i ’ made... Steamed broccoli added more powder n parm while blending still very thick – any suggestions he ’ natural... Set aside and decadent, just tried this for dinner tonight and it tastes so decadent it feels like lot... Love but maybe with daiya, never have it again comes oat milk alfredo sauce our vegan alfredo-inspired sauce conventional! Kid as well cheese anywhere so i made a big batch of sauce the world... This alfredo is amazing!! ) do differently is add less black pepper, and was! A perfect addition or margarine in a medium-hot skillet cup more of your recipes almond. – minus a few readers have commented that they have eggs but now i ’ m not but! ‘ cheesy ’ and relatively easy protein pasta and it was super great sometimes! In for a satisfying plant-based meal is ready, add a little omit.

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