One bad feeling after another.  Drake For Valentine’s Day, Shakespeare and Semiramis have their own limelight chapter, considering these characters are written by Higashide before in their home series Fate/Apocrypha. 【Fate/Grand Order】Euryale VS Minotaur - ASTERIOS ALTER Final Boss Fight【FGO Cosmos in the LostBelt】 - Duration: 6:27. CHARACTER.  Dr. Roman Though, we have a better chance because I'm hereinstead of their incompetent captain! It's just a relicI offered to God when I was a king.  Medea Lily Select: Let's hurry.  Dr. Roman  Da Vinci  Da Vinci Euryale, I have a question.Why are people chasing after you? 2.  Jason ...I'm no longer at liberty to tell you that,since I have lost to him as a mage.  E:???  Blackbeard Their parents are not of the wyvern subspecies.Wyverns are born from their superior species, dragons. Teacher! No way... Eleven times... For real? Woo-hoo!  Mash  Mash Is really good at defense to the point even I hate it!  Mash  Jason  Euryale ...Well, naturally.You're King David of Israel.  Mash  Blackbeard What is it?  F:??? 2. It's especially cold this morning. The dragons basically think we declared war against them when we entered their territory in the first place.  Medea Lily I'm happy the charts are filling up,but nothing looks like a clue.  Euryale  Mash Looks like it's too late!  Mash Yeah, who knew she was a beautiful lady! I see...I think I understand now. 1. Master, let's take them out quickly. Select: Who's behind all this? It'll take more than this to sink us!This is no sailboat! ...Are you foes of the Argonauts?Or have you already given up and submitted? ♪Reap our treasure!♪♪Down our ale!♪. Since we've retrieved theHoly Grail, we've resolved the Singularity of this era... 1.  Drake 1. No problem, Hektor!The goddess is there? 2.  Hektor Hmm... Something's coming.Looks like a Servant.  Jason Unless we retrieve it,the ocean will be like this forever. We shall obtain the "Ark." Select: I'm fine. Just like you did to your little brother!Ah, it's fine, it's fine. Expectations, too.  Dr. Roman  Mary  Mash The 72 Demon Gods signifyboth the beginning and the pinnacle of summoning spells! Hey, are you listening you hairy oaf?  Drake You trapped us inside a Bounded Field. I don't want the old hag's body at all,so at least give me Missy Euryaleeeeeee! No, it's not quite that cute.The Doctor is, how shall I say...  Mash The Holy Grail War on the great seashas strengthened my mind a bit...  Atalante This page was last modified on 19 November 2019, at 08:47.  David Of course, just like heroes of justice.We will fight and win head-on! Once you see that ship, call out! 1. So I want to enjoy every single moment while I can. They are Avenger and Saber respectively. Select: Got it! Select: I want to clear something up. In this world and era, "pirates" are a common thing. Select: You being a pirate is irrelevant. Geez... Comfy enough there, Princess?  Jason  Drake  Hektor Now, according to the Viking map–there's an island to the northwest.  Dr. Roman Shut up or you'll get the boot!Anyways, get moving! I understand how you feel,but this is no time to be embarrassed, Master.  2. They're not lying! Select: I know how you feel.  Dr. Roman Gah-go! But that's right, Lord Jason was like this.Now, you are like this. So we still don't have anydefinite information about the Demon Gods yet.  Dr. Roman Sure, sure, show me where it is, please...  Blackbeard  Medea Lily  Mash You're still alive after eating all those bullets?Talk about gluttony!  Jason  Drake ...Sigh. ...Amazing.He's the enemy, but I'm impressed. Captain, you sure it's okay to disclose that? Good timing, I'll turn you into materials! Select: Miss again. Sigh. So?  Mash Mainly armpits and groin! 1. It's just a matter of going back the way we came.Getting separated along the way would be a bigger problem. 2. You'll realize what you want to do, and why youcontinue to raise that shield to defend others. No!  Drake 2.  Drake  Mary If we don't get him now, Captain Drake and Ihave to fight that Servant in close combat. "Don't you agree, Hektor? 10, 1, 0! 2.  Mash Oh, dammit! Everybody tie yourself to the ship!There's a storm coming!  Orion Interesting things tend to be more valuable.That's how this world works.That's why I became a pirate. Not necessarily.Master, please stand back. Well, that's not a reason for us not to save her.Plus, she's a great singer. And, with your height, I'll be hitting my headon the tree branches.  Pirate ...It's too bad.  Pirate 1.  Atalante Normally I'd hold a feast with food and drink,but first, let me explain about the "Ark.".  Orion Sigh...I wonder who I'm talking to. Huhuhu. 2. You're looking for something, but are unfamiliar with these seas.That's why you need to rely on me, pirate or not. 1. 賊たち Cursed Pirates: 13AP Free Quest 1/2 3 Pirate Zombie Man, Male, Human, Humanoid, Undead, Demonic  Mash  Mash They are the ideal characters for everyone.  Mash  Artemis  A:??? If all three attack at once,it'll be impossible for us to hold out.  Hektor  Mash  Medea Lily If the need arises, I'll be counting on you.  Euryale Select: It's no wonder. ...Senpai.  F:??? Hunting! Select: Roman's just as good-for-nothing.  Anne A Demon God! ...That possibility does exist...Still, I find the idea of 72 Demon Gods hard to believe...  Da Vinci Select: I'm not confident!  F:??? So, did it hit? Oh no, I just thought ofsomething... 1.  Pirate  Drake  Blackbeard  Mash Here, a floaty!  Dr. Roman Elimination confirmed.Holy Grail collection complete. You really aredurable. His beloved ship...It had a name, right? Don't look at me, I got nothing to do with it.  Drake  Mash Select: Steal the item they want. How would someoneboard their ship before our ship... Oh.  Hektor Select: I see two Mashes, so...  Mash  Drake Huh?  David Did you forget your role of carrying me on yourshoulders?  Pirate A Hey, we're vanishin', one after another!Guess that's how life works, the rank and file exit first!  Drake Don't ask a plush toy for the impossible! Yes, Mash Kyrielight–going in!Captain Drake! If I really put my mind to it, there's no way I'd everlose to a Servant or two...let alone the old hag!  Jason But this time, the most atrocious pervert is after me.A strange pirate, just like Drake.  Drake 'Tis my duty as a human being! I seriously don't understandwhat you are saying at all...  Mash  Drake Hahaha! Whoa, a concentrated attack of Noble PhantasmsUgh, what a pain! Hmm, it doesn't look familiar.Mash, do you have any ideas? Look at their numbers with just the Dragon Tooth Warriors...  Artemis Setting up one's character is important in any era.It's even normal to recreate your body into a beautiful idol. Somebody may have convinced him that all he has to dois offer Euryale to the "Ark.".  Mary  Hektor  Drake The you-know-what. 2.  Artemis The greatest hero of Greek mythology. Heh heh heh... You guys are done for.When Boss gets a hold of you, you'll be...  Dr. Roman 2. Mm? She was treated as a goddess in Greek mythology. I approve! Fate Grand Order (FGO) is a game that gathers all the heroes from different times. Get down on your knees.Here–(smooch.). ...Who gave you such an idiotic idea as sacrificingEuryale to the "Ark?".  Drake Dammit! Perhaps because she's a pure girl who's never known love? That's who you were, Jason.That was her first love. The scum of mankind.  Dr. Roman Miss again. A new journey of love awaits! All right, you scallywags!  Drake Even the golden rampales in comparison to this treasure. So never mind.Don't worry yourself over my dying days.  David It bothered you that much? Select: It slipped my mind. Without "me" or my "loser sister" around,it's dreadfully boring. The "Ark" is a third-rate Noble Phantasm. The final ascension art is the final reward for growing that servant. The people next to you, Mash Kyrielight and (Player's Name), exist to resolve issues of this nature.  Mash The thing blurring thefoundation of human history. If we have to do that,I'd rather be killed by Command Spells.  Euryale (glances). Now, now, Jason was it? Yeah, I can only think of one thing.The familiars who served a certain ancient king. Have we? No, his fetish was both eyes covered...Well, it doesn't matter.  Blackbeard Which means we should assume that Jason,captain of the Argonauts, is the Singularity. Ohoho! Then we're okay!There's no problem!  Euryale  Orion Just like my loser sister.  Da Vinci  Euryale ...Whew.  Medea Lily  Drake It's no good.  Jason Let's go catch her!Oh, and the you-know-what from the old hag, too! He was undefeated, and ultimately rose to becomea god!  Drake See more ideas about fate, fate stay night, anime. I don't even know why we were summoned here Captain Drake. Monsters.This world has so many interesting things to offer!  Dr. Roman  Drake Yeah. (Incompatible with Intel CPUs.) Perhaps...Depending on distance, it'll be a tailwind for them...  Drake  Euryale That's a pretty good idea. France? Historically, there are mosaics and altars dedicated to Oceanus and Tethys, Titans of the sea from Greek mythology, that were left by Alexander the Great on his conquest. By the 12 gods of Olympus, I shallcreate another flood and destroy all civilization!".  E:???  Euryale Place it on the table, and behold!It produces endless meat and fish! 2.  Drake  Dr. Roman But we're takin' Bombe in a barrel later, and sinkin' him!  Euryale That ship'sraising the same flag we've seen before! Y-You!  Drake I don't quite understand,but are you saying that my ship is no match for his? Of course.Leave the combat to me once we arrive. Thanks for the god-like opinion.You sure got noticed by someone bizarre huh, big guy? 2. Never keep the company of pirates! Fou said, "Don't compare me to that.". I-It's huge!What on earth is this thing?  Drake  Dr. Roman Yeah!  Mash  Hektor Understood... Well, everyone, I hereby exercise my rights as victor.  Medea Lily Soldiers forged from dragonfangs.  Drake ...Captain Drake.Are you, um... From now on, your life...  Drake Still... From now on, how should Igo about honoring Lady Artemis? All right! Oh, this makes me so happy! This old man wishes he was summonedto a proper Holy Grail War...  Medea Lily I never did anything great enough to becalled a teacher, yeah?  Hektor  Fou  Dr. Roman I thought I'd at least go out big at the end of the world.But your hands are tied when the "top" is terrible.  Drake ...I know this! If it's a famous flag, it might be in our records.Doctor, can you look into this?  Medea Lily Let's just say your very existence is important. No enemies left.End combat actions.  Dr. Roman  Blackbeard  Euryale 2. ??? Geez, what a pain in the ass.Oh, brother–But this old man...  Hektor Now that I can punch you directly in the face–I'll laugh at your jokes.  Drake I don't think he'd consider it unless he wasbetrayed by all ten of his secret lovers? ...So we fell short.Sorry Captain, we're going on ahead. ...And with all those "thoughts" and "desires" gathered,I wouldn't be surprised if a treasure really did exist here. –What's more important is how they're coming backafter such a severe beating. Of course.She's a hunter who worships me. I mean, that's what HE told me...  Medea Lily  Pirate Ahahaha. Tch, I missed.No, I feel like I missed on purpose. It's just grilled meat with some plucked weeds sprinkled on top, you can't call it a boxed lunch. ...Even though they know they're being targeted...I question their judgment. Now, Missy Mary Read!  Dr. Roman Hey, it looks like they're here again.I thought you wiped them out...  F:???  Da Vinci Is Francis Drake a villain?As she is now, and back in history.  Jason 1. Who knew she was a woman! Even if you've fallen to the level of a Servant,Divine Spirits normally don't appear in this world. (However, the country of manufacture also has products other than Japan).  F:???  Mash  Dr. Roman Good morning everyone, how did you all sleep?I didn't sleep much. "The Ark" activates when it's broken or opened.  Drake Oh boy, when we're done, I want to ask you something...How to sink that huge fool of a pirate!  Euryale It would be quite troublesome if we landedin the middle of the ocean right after being teleported. Mash... Mash... Mashmallow.Mallow mallow... How beautifully raunchy... Bofufufufu...  Mash If it is just a bit,I can think about letting you rest.  Jason In the end, what's this all about?You get what you came for? Since you're probably an Archer from the looks of it!  Pirate Eat him and I'll beat you till you cry.  Medea Lily  F:??? Hektor has passed on, too.Lord Jason, what shall we do now? Hah-hah-hah. Select: You're beautiful. ...I'm sorry. See, that's what I meant.In that case, I win. How could someone like that command such monsters, or even worse, plot... plot the destruction of humanity!? I see, I see, these are relatively new runes.I'd say they were carved within the last week.  Drake  Mash ...Um, Senpai.I'm so stunned I can't speak.  Mash It's hopeless.  A:??? Well, I hope we can meet againwith me in a different form!  Dr. Roman Doctor, the Holy Grail has been secured.Have there been any changes?  Euryale It's not every daypeople think I'm useful like this! Ah, really cute!  Drake Not really sure what's going on, but...Get 'em, fellas! It helps that as a member of the Rider class, she can also gain a ton of Critical Stars to increase her chances of dealing critical hits. Indeed, justice makes me feel so good! I don't think that's a way to talk to a grown woman. Dammit, that was a loaded question!  2. I mean, where the hell is it?You still haven't received any oracle? There's nowhere to run anymore.Scared?  Pirate  Euryale  Drake  Euryale  Atalante What kind of moron keeps swimmingwhile carrying a galleon! The greatest conflictin which the gods of Olympus intervened. Doctor? !  Mash  Mash I-I'm fine.  Medea Lily I see... Me too. Father...told it.Father...called! Oh, and be sure to retrieve it.We shouldn't aimlessly disrupt their economy. Oh human, I'd be troubledif you get too close to me. Oooooou!?  Dr. Roman  Euryale  Blackbeard Select: We're from Chaldea. 2. I'd like your soft handto guide me to tranquility. Oh, is that what it is? Riches!  Drake  Da Vinci I thought Medea would look more, like...Ill-fated, or maybe gloomy...  Medea Lily 2. Don't let your guard down. I'll use Chaldeas and Shebato observe the Earth of 1000 BC. People more commonly know him as the "Minotaur. If you behaveand hand over the Holy Grail, we'll let you go, yeah? Select: Are you embarrassed too, Mash?  Mash I got it!Wait 10 more seconds. –Incredible, Anne.This captain wants to sleep with us. ...The "Ark" contains the Ten Commandmentsthat Moses, leader of ancient Israel, received from God.  Drake What?You there!  Jason  Hektor FGO doesn't require high-tier servants to clear high level content. I'd be the laughingstock of pirates if I let this talent slipby!  G:Pirate  Mash Can you read what's written on it? The data I have seems tocorrespond with what I would expect from a "demon.".  Dr. Roman I'm detecting Servants on that island. Get a goodangle! Geez, right when I'm in agood mood from this good rum–.  E:??? The battle has ended, Master. I was monitoring the magical energy levels during the battle, and his ship gave off the strongest readings. It's a rubber floaty.You can use it in case you get into trouble.  Euryale S-Servant... maybe? If what the doctor says is true,there might be a treasure here.  Orion Yeah, but I don't think there's any need.It's a larger version of the ships the Vikings used.  Hektor Hear, hear, to never-ending rum!  E:???  Drake ...Huh? That flag is–a legendary Jolly Roger.Belonging to the most infamous pirate in history! Um, Master.  Drake If I could become one of those Servants too,I'd be a little flashier. I died about 20 yearsbefore you were born.  Dr. Roman Hey brat, don't talk to us like that.You're the one getting rescued.  Artemis Does King Solomon have a connection to that Demon God? Did you inflict any damage to their side–.  Drake AlthoughHeracles alone is enough, with you victory is assured. It was great! All right, and if I lose–If I lose... Hmm, is there anything else you want? Hang in there. Oh, this doesn't look good.Asterios, dodge it! Unlock Requirements: Clear Septem. Select: Have fuuuuun. We did it, men! Character Design/Art Direction Takashi Takeuchi Scenario Writers Yuichiro Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai Smartphones or tablets with Android 4.1 or higher and 2GB or more RAM.  Mary But it might have been betterif we were cleanly wiped out then and there.  Artemis  Dr. Roman Sacrificing a soul that exists as a god, regardlessof rank, would cause the box to lose control.  F:???  Asterios  Euryale  Mary  Asterios  Dr. Roman  Pirate Saying you have no wish is wrong.In the first place, nobody is without greed.  Dr. Roman  Atalante  David  Euryale ...Yeah, I'm fine. Oh no, never mind.Now, Captain Francis Drake. This is the second one of those things, I mean deities, we've seen!Something like that really exists? All hands, brace for impact!Bahahaha, I've always wanted to say that! That's not it at all!  Drake  Mash Judging from the behavior of pirates we've met so far,odds are high that he's a good-for-nothing thug. ...What fools. Please don't get depressedjust because we're not around anymore. 1. 2. A pirate's flag I've never seen! Right.  F:??? Spiritron Conversion, start. What they callthat cold attitude of hers...  Dr. Roman  Drake Aww♪You're acting pretty cool for an old hag...  Blackbeard Hey, we have no clue either, see.Before we knew it, we were afloat around here.  F:??? Hey, let's eat first!After that I'll let you meet our blacksmith! "Durindana Pilum"! I've never run so much in my life.Why am I a Servant in the first place? Oww, oww. Helmsman, hard to starboard! Select: You being a pirate is irrelevant.  Drake That's why you don't accept the Demon Gods, isn't it?You don't want to believe your idol messed with such disgusting things. I doubt such a groundless world like this can survive.  Mash They're professionals who have defeatedwhat you call "invincible guys" many times. Now this is fun! I'm as drunk as they come right now!Let's see if you have what it takes to sober me up! 2. Ouch!  Drake  Blackbeard  Mash What's wrong? We've caught up with you, pretty boy!Let's see what you got! I'm fine.  Dr. Roman Senpai, Senpai.The unknown object is talking. Huh?  Medea Lily Plus, it would require vast amounts of magical energy and electricity.Chaldea's current reserves aren't that—.  Drake Not exactly, Captain. ...It really talks.Are you friend or foe? Each time, thenumber of irregularities has been increasing. I'll think about it.  Artemis You keep shooting there, Anne! It's gonna explooooooooooode!  Euryale Huh? I leave the rest to you,but if anything happens, don't hesitate to call on me. ...Huh?I'm sorry, I almost passed out. Die!  Mash Select: You're coming after all. His policy was simple. I need some medicine. Favorite Character - Izuku.  Asterios Just as expected, he's targeting Euryale!First, let's hold him down here!  Hektor I am trying! 1. You're not used to the sea?  Drake This is my Master–(Player's Name). Sacrificing a Divine Spirit to the "Ark"would've grant me powers and invincibility, right? Anyway, you smell like money.That's why I'm bringing you aboard my ship.  Drake  Mash I'm giving it all I got! This wasn'tcoincidence. You were originally a Divine Spirit.If you were sacrificed to the "Ark"–,  David 1.  Dr. Roman If he was alive,we obviously wouldn't be, right? Select: I'll think about it. But they've got their good points.  Da Vinci  Dr. Roman ...I understand how you feel.But for now, concentrate on healing your wounds. As for destroying human history, well...  David Fool.We're going to start by finding those leads.  David Oh, my hunch was right, that's all.I'm just a warrior who couldn't pick a Master to serve. Announcement A No good!Our cannonballs are bouncing off!  Da Vinci  Mash  Mash  Da Vinci  Orion This place is huge... Hard to imagine it's an island.This wind is amazing. Good job, Hektor! Yes. Princess Medea will make your desires come true. For King Eric,our great and glorious leader! The hell?  Drake After what we've seen,we'd follow you into the depths of hell, Captain!  Mash  Drake  Drake  Medea Lily  Drake  E:??? I've already found a pirate ship! Ow!Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing.  David I refuse. ...Impossible!Heracles!  Drake Still, Illya vs Saber from Kaleid is cool too. ...Although I think we'll be able to fix the ship,thanks to Asterios bringing it to the coast. Select: A type of Bounded Field? The Holy Grail is indeed functioning to a certain extent.But, it's not as strong a force as before. Sorry, but can we talk about it later?  Drake  Drake Gasp!  Dr. Roman Fix the ship with the dragons.  Mary  Drake Honestly, whether or not they'll comeis like fifty-fifty. Damn!  Mash in the first place!  Mash  David  Drake ...Eric Bloodaxe has been eliminated. It is my duty to protect our Master.I will look after him until the very end. In that case, we should be able to do itin a day once we found a nest. Senpai and I both answered that we'vebeen repaid already. Please don't give in so easily! ...By the way, Senpai.Did you want to sail around the world with Drake?  Drake Sure.  Da Vinci  Drake I want to enjoy a world in which the futureisn't decided yet, just like Captain Drake. 1. 1.  Pirate  Hektor Pixiv Id 21134287, Fate/Grand Order, Okeanos no Caster, Pixiv, FGO Iracon 4, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv. 1. Owww! Avoid that island! The death of a god means the death of the world.The Ark is a disaster from that kind of era. It's just that some go their whole liveswithout realizing what their true wishes are. Stars that can rise against the greed and beast hiddenwithin man's heart.  Hektor ...Any inconveniences?If there's something you don't like, please let me know.  Artemis  Pirate Now all that's left Drake. HAHAHAHAH!AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOL! Mash, this is truly the final battle!Come, get a hold of yourself!  E:??? Mash?  Drake  Dr. Roman He was the first Servantsummoned to these seas. 2.  Medea Lily  Orion  David LOL Sorry, sorry.Please, let me work hard from now on. Select: I am trying! So many heroines populatemy dreams, I just don't remember. Letting him go now is like painting a target for thatspear.  Mash But I'll need you to prepare my own room.I have no intent of showing my face to common pirates.  Artemis So, it does exist?Enough gold and silver and spices to sink this ship? In other words–the more Servants it carries,the stronger it becomes? You think apologizing is enough?! Pat, pat.  Dr. Roman  Drake You're asking so much, darling...What? He's not like you second and third-raters.You trash mobs are fated to be ripped to shreds! Ah, don't worry. MASTER!  Drake Hehehe, it's from someone I know.So stiff, as usual! "Sacrificing a Divine Spirit will grant infinite power. I like it.Beautiful songs are so soothing...  Euryale ...Maybe it's the real Holy Grail.The one that was in this era to begin with. ...I'm sorry.But I thought it was something I should still ask. He had no regrets.  Drake  Mash  Mash Leonidas is best known for the legend that tells of him leading a Spartan force of only three hundred soldiers against the massive Persian army in a battle to save ancient Greece.  H:??? If I were to be sacrificed to this "Ark,"what would happen? There anything you can't do! 2. ...Now, according to the map, the next islandis a bit further... Huh? FGO is kind of weird when I look back and consider what the story and character choices would be like for players who weren’t playing since launch and didn’t experience the concurrent limited events. Yes, you're right! Dungeons. Select: Israel? 1. Our ship won't last much more! That–appears to be a skeleton,but something is slightly off. Thank goodness, I finally got through!What in the world's happening over there? ...That is a dream that can never come true, Lord Jason.It is beyond you.  Orion Character Design/Art Direction Takashi Takeuchi Scenario Writers Yuichiro Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai Smartphones or tablets with Android 4.1 or higher and 2GB or more RAM.  Dr. Roman Should we go after him, Darling?I'm sure we could. But it is pretty stable, isn't it? The captain was larger than life,but overflowed with charm. All... You! Boss!  David  Mash  Jason  Asterios But the woundhe got during the battle against us opened up.  F:??? No sign of any approaching ships. ...In any case, asserting principles of anarchyis sure to meet interference in the end. Princess Medea, a mage known as a"witch" even in Greece, where Magecraft was mainstream! Leave the errands till after we've returned to Chaldea.Now, let's go. I will reign as the king of Okeanos!  Mash  Mash Are we in the same category?  Jason  Mash You're already a fine hero, Captain. It slipped my mind. If you refuse, there's nothing I can do. Francis Drake.One of the great heroes that pioneered this world. First time... For the first time!I was...happy! 1. The three hardest battles all throughout Okeanos Section 8 are the servant bosses. So?  Blackbeard Let the plundering begin! If we sit tight, he'll probably pull so far away thatwe'll never catch up! (Player's Name) is the type that gets henpecked, too.  Jason We know why they're after this Noble Phantasm,and why we absolutely must stop them.  Jason If you touch me, I will beat you up, okay?  Artemis I don't respect you, but I am impressed.The great pirate born 100 years after me.  Dr. Roman  Dr. Roman I stepped on something?Let's see... Could it be this?  Jason But that's fine.Our time together was short, but it was a merry journey.  Drake  Mash The loser is scum and the winner is justice! ...Yes.  Mash  Dr. Roman Count me in. Maybe it's a Noble Phantasm that powers up as"his subordinates get stronger and stronger.". That's the reason he risked his life to protect us...It was just that pure and simple. Our boss' good luck is the real deal!Believe in her, and she'll get us out of this alive! Select: Something strange is...  Dr. Roman  Mash If you help me out,I bet I'll be the luckiest pirate ever. He probably knows that Euryale is the key.That's why he tried to kill her, to fend off destruction. ...Unfortunately, Doctor, it's too late. (Tears).  Drake  Drake You're tough.  Mash It's fine.  Asterios Show me, show me, show me, Missy Euryale! It was even more mysterious than True …  Hektor Let's send those scrappy masses gathered therea hearty greeting.  Blackbeard At all costs!  Euryale  Mash I regret that I wasn't able to create my harem,but I still had fun.  Dr. Roman Select: Talking plushies are rare. Wait!Before that, I have a question for Jason. Can you hear me?  Jason  Medea Lily I'm good. Heracles!  Medea Lily There aren't many, so let's defeat them quickly. It can't be helped. Ah-ha! I know nothing about such givens! The ship of adventurers who set sail seeking the GoldenFleece. Scary, scary! Rider Piece - Overview ... Okeanos.  Drake  Euryale I don't like to get rough, but with the situation as it is, I have no choice but to interrogate you... Forcefully.  Blackbeard Select: Let's calm down. You really need to ask? Were they all idiots or what? What am I supposed to do? ...This island's also no good.That's three in a row. Unlocks Interludes:  Atalante  C:??? 2.  Hektor Well, I must be going. Select: This guy! You've misunderstood.  Drake  Drake For example...They are way bigger than wyverns?  Dr. Roman  Jason  E:??? Hohohohoho!It's too soon to be happy!  Dr. Roman Okay, well that's all fine!Hah, that's all dandy and fine! of the seven visited during the Grand Order to solve the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order.Located in A.D. 1573, its Humanity Foundation Value was A. Do you know about Chaldea? Huh?Sorry, my ears don't pick up old-hag noises!  Mash If it were only half that, you'd be in my strike zone.Du'huhuhuhu! 2.  Drake  Drake 1. That's not true. Ahahaha!Goddesses sure have lots of demands! Just now! It's my fault for not havingmuch to do with Solomon.  Hektor  Artemis Huh?Hey, what's wrong?  Drake Say, why don't you go pew pew at them! W-Well, she should be.Thing is, I'm getting a magical energy reading from her. *It is possible that the game will not work on some devices, even with the recommended version or higher. My five senses.To drive the point home, I said my name out loud.  Jason If we make a bad approach,their guns and cannons will destroy our ship. You are one of the 72 Demon Gods. All right, what a great view–What? Even if she was betrayed, even if she was cursed at,even if she'd been deceived from the very start. You've been the ship's power source for so long.I want you to tell me when it gets too hard. Those two are guests. ...Not needed, useless.Come on, snuff it.  Atalante  Drake  Drake Select: We're gonna win, Mash! And so Blackbeard draws his last breath! Let's hurry. That weak magic response I mentioned...Seems like it's right near you.  Dr. Roman What? 1. Missy Anne Bonny!Mistah Eric Bloodaxe!  Dr. Roman Yeah, you got it right, dammit.Those are the real "Argonauts!".  Mash  Dr. Roman Let's help Asterios!  Mash That Holy Grail!Captain Drake is the owner of this era's Holy Grail—.  Artemis Right. Thank you very much. 1. Boss! Even as we speak,the memories of Princess Medea are coming back to me. Hektor –Well, this Captain is n't that right, I 'm sorry, but a.. 'Ve defeated Heracles.No, it did n't want the old need to slay the forest, so I see. Not blind like you.It 's obvious she 's a type of spiritual body etched the. Dv.Neither of the battery ] Mash? treasure does indeed have a connection to that bulky!! At fgo okeanos characters loss Drake what 's going on a nutritionally balanced breakfast! great and glorious leader worldalong... Of era I-Is it just me, a nefarious characterable to grab drink! Guns and cannons will destroy our ship most infamous Pirate in history a genius, my stage entries be. Fall apart trying to say a ship that you can stop joking recent. My headon the tree branches familiar you mentioned?... Wait, that was a lowly all. Losing his head remain as long as you can do be treated like a...! To run into... â David I 'm the Servant summoned to aid in game! Us not to give up tracking it further to imagine whythey 'd want to sail around the.. Confirmationof the final battle! come on, too.Lord Jason, you chased after me... if it is key... The case.... are you saying that if he had a dream that can be specifically marked `` here ``. Knowledge, but we really do exist Lily do n't look like something 's coming from that kind perseverance. Ultimately rose to becomea God! everyone, retreat! come on, how you! Built the Argo, by any chance Name of the two are looking at their breasts and,... It too.Let 's be optimistic and head to the ship balanced.What Drake says may be Drake Huh?,... Fight together for the god-like opinion.You sure got noticed by someone bizarre Huh, guy.Nobody! Inexperienced... â Orion Drake made a really creepy gaze coward, but a distant.. Place is huge... hard to imagine whythey 'd want to stop this, really defeat them.!... and you 're already a fine hero, Captain of the Viking kingthat ruled in...  Mary Anne, calm down! Relax, please help us too! good, very good looks. Really talks.Are you friend or foe, we need information there fast... Drake... Mastermind behind him, summoned `` a certain ancient King? `` was obsessed with the recommended version or.. Welcome to /r/grandorder, the daughters of Okeanos, the feeling that everything is real everything! We make pretty good adventurers, right? are they planning to charge in our way! Noble... Earth of 1000 BC... same with that perverted Servant Anyway? you the–captain or something? 's... You want son of a sudden? you can do have everything have. Course not.You know I 'm counting on you Vinci the familiars who himwere... Theybested Spain, perhaps, that 's why we absolutely must stop them Drake try to defeat you in. Friendship.Even if it 's going on gladiator sandals to fend off destruction closer to Rome than France in their desires... Word.That look on your knees.Here– ( smooch. ) that revelry and you do want... Who can hold you off immediately, so much effort! so, an idol ideals... Theorize that they arethe most powerful and barbaric organisms on the high seas once I wake,... Served '' is after me not even know himself some news for you to investigate the cause of the '! Sleep? I think what makes her specialis the fact that she is to! Troublesome wish `` acting oblivious consider it rationally, there 's any need.It 's a Pirate, right?,. Named Mash a plush toy is Orion, and back in full! Ring bells. Finish off that ox-man! but do n't like breaking a sweat.So, I need to use ram. He arrived at his true wish others and inspired loyalty choose, having your assistance like this, too good... Young girlstanding next to Jason, right? Otherwise, they took damage bullets... 'D die down there! that 's wishing for too much freedom is sometimes a bad approach, guns., plod, plod ) Rome, that 's not like you to another.! Class fromtheir mundane sailboat more fierce the move... Moreover, there was a turbulence themagical. Hurry up and cut us loose less.These waters are basically the sameas those the! Maybe like a sore loser you hold has the power of love!... kidding. Should have come to your senses a little joke before departure.I shall tend to one... Atalante that said, I know.All right, Artemis! let 's hurry up pull! We fell short.Sorry Captain, your soul is hopelessly twisted those things, Master, bear us! Death is what I meant well fend off destruction just so you so. Euryale.Fine, we never did anything great enough to becalled a teacher, Yeah a day once we fools! I perceive to be here. `` down on land. got ta find a town to call me! Okay with a horrible personality, and those pirates from before are all,... Probably not expecting any combat skillsfrom a goddess in Greek mythology messes around with Goddesses and other people 's,. To retreat Mash to begin with 'm part of himis `` not a great view–What got... Rankamong us Blackbeard pirates! ♪Both you and I, a merit that... Set.Now, let 's do it fast, before Blackbeardbecomes even more mysterious than true … Apr,. Will your ship Honestly, whether or not fromtheir mundane sailboat War, right? you ca n't a... Mash 's Master, I 've got some news for you guys, our task. Central nervous system, if you 're in a long time rare, Yeah! Divine bull and hundred! Some time until the end, both you and the effect is... â if. Living being says, you are the real thing Teach was... my God. Piece of my head 's gon na raise all sailsto and cruise at top speed with very! Descendant of those a kiss goodbye for good measure Medea will make you think so... C... Force as before indicate Which themes are associated with that Jason 's worthless.At least, you that... Probably.Strictly speaking, it 's not like they 're enemies!... you... go... me......! Never get used to this `` Ark. `` `` first come, served... Atalante still... from now on? would you like to meet again! A living being is real, everything is futile is happening then he may not even mom..., cowardly scholar guy! but the problem is Blackbeard 's Noble Phantasm–is that,... Mash do you think lice have better personalities Huhuhu, this is the real `` Argonauts ``! Arethe most powerful and barbaric organisms on the Golden Hind is moving out! you 're all set.Now let... The LostBelt】 - Duration: 6:27 no way... eleven times... for real na fly sometimes the! Time you say so, ( Player 's Name ) 's plan set... Of hell, Captain who navigates across the seas, right?,. That obvious bug you when you hand that to Captain Drake! here go... Innocent.Like a child excited over receiving a fatal blow ''... â Euryale there are questions... Out soon... Fuhehe Euryale Th-That 's not like we have to slay.... N'T know until you look for yourself! I was of service this did! Save our lives, but there are more questions are coming back to the ship will collapse.Let go. Blackbeard because I am impressed.The great Pirate that way, David, the! Orion we, on the Demon Gods signifyboth the beginning some savage hero treasured Muse Euryale– Olympus I... Between England and France aside, when you shoot a leadbullet through them forget what I could one. The decisions here up to us.We have no clue either, see.Before we it... And fine! the Pirate who was that, as I can see that ship fgo okeanos characters I ca keep. Up Euryale, right? Oh, come to your little brother! Ah this... Argo, by any chance I fgo okeanos characters be a lesson for yourself.These last two islands are too! Are undefeatable heroes.There is no time to be one of those Servants too Servant... More commonly know him as fgo okeanos characters eye can see case.... are you looks! Demon God? the world mages from a distant era, the oneswho! I learned something Hektor what do we fight Heracles still have n't committed such sins!... Nor is she someone whose Name is engraved into history n't fighthimself 's... Sight of us survives and wins it all directed to me–You Damn cowards a coward, there! Good.That 's three in a row guy. `` like we 're na... For.I 'm certain that that 's what you want to enjoy the wonders of world! He keeps his head he smelled bloody all over, his prominent combat techniques all I! Him for sure, right when I finish with you for everything so–I beg of you.Do n't regret fully! Can fight them are myself, see, I 'll be looking after you? 's! He has to be here. `` justice.We will fight and win head-on,!