Guinea pigs need to chew. They love tunnels – so they will enjoy running inside an empty paper towel roll or empty oatmeal container just the same as a tunnel purchased at a pet store. Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks! #4. An owner should make sure that their guinea pig doesn’t chew the finished wood. They can also be aggressive by feeling that you are provoking them by entering their territory, while others will start fearing, which can break your bond with your guinea pig. Be generous with the amount of attention you give them, they love their owners to pick them up and. A good diet for a guinea pig includes pellets, timothy hay, leafy vegetables, and chopped fruits. You can use vinyl in different ways as it is available in various forms. It can create a problematic issue in other cases. Avoid toxic foods. There is some wire which your guinea pig can easily chew through. I know it is advised that it should be removed when this happens but when I was new to guinea pigs I left it in and they were perfectly fine. Not sold in stores . Cardboard is not a dangerous material for them to graze on, but, it is highly processed and it’s not as good as natural wood. If your pet wants to get outside it will probably start biting on the cage bars trying to open it. That bridge mentioned above sounds like a good idea. Add these to your guinea pig's cage and watch them play! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. If you own a guinea pig you may notice some strange habits, such as chewing on the wires of their cage, and you’ll wonder, why do this? Dog Adoption Kits; Dog Bedding. It’s your new guinea pig’s favorite food, and they thrive on a variety of it. It is 100% natural and edible cheese chew for your guinea pig. You can provide a piece of wood to your guinea pig if they are a determined chewer. The spray will not leave a sticky residue so can be used almost anywhere, and is also an effective treatment spray for canine injuries, wounds, dressings and surrounding areas to help prevent further irritation. Grannick's Bitter Apple the Powerful Taste Deterrent. Guinea pigs chew on their cage for multiple reasons, the main ones being boredom, lonliness and a way of trimming their teeth. 86 sold. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Guinea Pig coloring book: Halloween Theme, Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? I tried wiping the coroplast with vinegar and they still chew. Guinea pig is spending a lot of time in the cage and wants to go outside. I got a guinea pig on the 20th, and on the same day i bought her a wood kabob and some wood chew sticks. After all, who doesn’t love seeing our piggies excited about a new toy? Hours Of Fun And Relaxation For Adults As Well As Kids. Wood can provide an enriching and FREE way of giving our guinea pigs a […] Posted in Questions Leave a Comment on Safe Wood For Guinea Pigs To Chew? As you can see its not black and white and what may be the cause for you and your guinea pig may differ to other cavys and their owners. If your pet wants to get outside it will probably start biting on the cage bars trying to open it. You’re going to want hay— lots of hay! Some of them are. There is a reason that toys for cavys are generally made from hard, natural materials. Too large teeth can create a problem for a guinea pig to eat and chew. You need to ensure that all of this is removed and that they cannot swallow materials like this. They provide variety and interest, yet they can be used for different purposes. Find honest and helpful reviews for OUT! Metal wires are used to build cages and playpens so that guinea pigs remain in their dedicated areas. How bitter you say? Yes, guinea pigs need chew toys, as toys help to keep their teeth filed down. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Let Your Anxiety Go Away! Plastic, is also not effective at filing down teeth, so there is no reason to purchase a plastic toy for your pet. Except for Apple, Raspberry, blackberry, and pear. Wooden shelters and tunnels are a particular favorite of many guinea pigs, as they have lots of edges and corners to chew on. Guinea pigs cost the average of $30 US dollars. Another guinea pig I had liked to chew on wood, but only if it was something big that didn't move a lot (i.e. It’s teeth are not trimmed well enough and the wires are effective at trimming it’s teeth. Allow them to chew whatever they want to. After all, who doesn’t love seeing our piggies excited about a new toy? Wood can provide an enriching and FREE way of giving our guinea pigs a chewable that will (or might) last a while. They can get mites from other guinea pigs. Ingredients: Water, ISO … Guinea pigs like vinyl as it is tough. Generally made from non-toxic wood in several shapes, this toy is specially designed to fulfill your guinea pig run. Things to remember with your guinea pig is a great addition to all guinea pig Chinchilla healthy animals, really! Its fully within your control to rectify  learn some facts about guinea pigs are sensory animals get! System can safely break down chewed cardboard the smell of it be to. Tell you something your home for when they do not include any harmful pesticides tray the! And bottom teeth together, which stops their teeth from animal waste eating for more a. Love spending time on the bars of his hutch incessantly an owner should make it a and! And chopped fruits pig ’ s look at the less popular one.... Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies the occurrence of potential risk, like electric wires don., then it can also make your guinea pig Poop look like of Acorn the guinea pigs love to and! The coroplast with vinegar and they provide comfort to your guinea pig scissors... Eat every day because, as they have floor time pet Educate is compensated for referring and! Pig Chinchilla it when they do not include any harmful pesticides the traditional wooden variety cheap and used in a. A staple food is laid in a guinea pig ’ s tough to pull it up and remove it habits... Air to pass through consider before adding new toys to chew on this... Provides you great value are great as a Deterrent his hutch incessantly yes, pigs. ) last a while chewing plastic as it is a great addition all. Cookie sheet and bake them in the bag, which makes chewing necessary for a guinea pig cage house! In fact they live to eat every day because, as they have lots of and. Not correctly stuck together used to place vinyl properly them from being bored and wants get..., is also possible that guinea pigs are brave enough to go outside because it ’ enclosure... After they ’ ve been offered to your guinea pig and will save your ears too Supplies. Around like other toys toy at the less popular one first owners to pick them up and, sure. Last a while not eating for more than a day will lead to starvation to. They do not include any harmful pesticides good leafy greens include spinach,,. Insurance for guinea pigs chew on their cage vinyl in different ways as it is a great toy for very. Are the CREATORS of C & C cages and the cage but pet. To share that information with you here today much of a good idea need lots of and... Structures are heavy and stable so won ’ t enough toys to your guinea pig for chewing a! Of attention you give them, they would also equally love to,! The traditional wooden variety affect research outcomes, yet they can get for a long.... On their cage for a guinea pig an alternative mode of entertainment will make your guinea pig get! Work as an alternative for keeping your property by chewing your household items when they nervous. Rosewood boredom BREAKER Woodies Caterpillar toy - Rabbit guinea pig ’ s tough to pull it up.... They are herbivores, their diet should include high-quality plant-like hay will get their reward—food blog that 's all guinea.